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Fan Uncovers Astros Banging Trash Cans Over 1,000 Times During 2017 Season

An Astros fan named Tony Adams went through every Astros home game from the 2017 season. Which, of course was the season that the MLB conducted an investigation on and determined punishments

Adams listened to every pitch from the Astros’ 2017 home games and decided to track any noises he heard in the background. There were 20 home games for which he did not have access to video. There were three “home” games which took place at Tropicana Field due to Hurricane Harvey and for which, obviously, the Astros’ camera setup from Minute Maid Park would not have been applicable.

Adams said he watched 8,200 pitches and found banging before over 1,100 of those pitches.He graphed which players got the most bangs during their at batsMarwin Gonzalez got the most, with bangs coming before 147 of 776 pitches seen, followed by George Springer, who got bangs on 139 of 933. José Altuve had the least among regulars, with only 24 bangs in 866 pitches.

Adams goes more in depth in at

Not only have the Astros been implicated on the illegal noise makers to advance their sign-stealing operation, but last month a mysterious Twitter account alleged that Houston Astros superstars Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman wore ‘devices that buzzed’ on their shoulders.

The account made allusions to Altuve’s walk off home run off Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

Video shows Altuve rounding third base and slowly approaching home plate as he appears to be motioning for his teammates to not rip his jersey off. You can see Altuve holding onto the top buttons of his jersey, to make sure it cannot be pulled down.