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Irate Mike Krzyzewski Apologizes to Duke Fans After Misinterpreting Chants

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski was not happy with some of his teams' fans during their game against the Pittsburgh Panthers. As the first half came to a close, a group of fans, known as the Cameron Crazies, started chanting "sit with us" at Pitt's coach, Jeff Capel, who played at Duke for four years before joining Krzyzewski as an assistant coach.

As the fans chant got louder, Krzyzewski started screaming "shut up" to the crowd. Once the first was over, he stormed across the court and told the students to stop taunting Capel. He chastised the fans, telling them, "He's our guy."

After the game, Krzyzewski apologized for his outburst. He said that he didn't realize exactly what the fans were screaming and said he just wanted to protect his former assistant.

"I don't know if I made a mistake on that, but I've never heard another coach's name yelled out in the middle of the first half when we're in a war with the team," Krzyzewski told reporters. "I don't know if they were saying, 'Come sit with me.'"

He explained that he thought the fans were yelling personal insults at Capel. 

"We got a different look at what the hell was going on. I thought it was something personal... I apologize to the students for that."

Capel wasn't bothered by the chant, telling fans to keep cheering for their team. 

"Love you guys back!!! No offense taken from me! Keep SHOWING UP AND CHEERING FOR YOUR TEAM! They DESERVE IT," he wrote on Twitter.

Duke would go on to defeat Pitt by a score of 79-67.