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Free Agent Running Back Derrick Henry Says He Wants Ezekiel Elliott Money

Rich Eisen: “You’re a free agent, sir, how are you approaching this? Are you fired up, are you excited, do you want to stay?”
Derrick Henry: “I definitely want to stay. It’s my first time being a free agent. Just take it one day at a time and then see what happens. Something is going to happen so there is no reason to rush anything.”
Eisen: “Is the Zeke number the floor?”
Henry: “Zeke’s number is the floor.”

Listen to All-Pro Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry join The Rich Eisen Show and discuss his free agency, as the 26-year-old former second-round draft pick just finished his fourth year in the NFL.

Henry set career-highs in carries rushing yards, yards per attempt, and touchdowns in a contract year, and led the NFL in rushing, and was tied in rushing touchdowns.

The Titans have their hands full this winter, with not only both Henry and red-hot quarterback Ryan Tannehill hitting free agency at the exact same time, but hitting the market after career-best seasons that elevated the team all the way to the AFC Championship Game.

Check out the video above as Henry says that Ezekiel Elliott’s contract is going to the ‘floor’ of what offers he expects, as Elliott’s 6-year, $90 million ($15M/yr) deal that he signed last offseason is the largest running back contract ever signed.