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Patrick Mahomes is Not Going to Spend His Entire Career in Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs Practice
Ben Maller: “The law of probability states that Patrick Mahomes will wear another uniform other than the Chiefs uniform. Twenty-four year-old Mahomes might want to stay in Kansas City but by the time he gets to 30 he might be like ‘eh, maybe the Cowboys need a quarterback, I grew up in Texas, and I’ve got roots there. Or maybe I could try a big market and go to LA or New York!’ These things have a way of changing and people and situations evolve. Andy Reid is not going to be coaching forever, and if Reid wins on Sunday, maybe Andy only wants to coach for a couple more years. What if Reid goes out and the coach that replaces him is the village idiot? If you look at the hierarchy of quarterbacks, they have mostly changed laundry.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he doesn’t see Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes remaining in Kansas City his entire career, as the 24-year-old acknowledged during Super Bowl media week that he intends on never playing for another team.

Maller thinks it’s easy for a 24-year-old to say that considering he's never been a free agent, never been in a bad situation yet, and is a player who has never had a regime change at head coach or in the front office. Maller says he’s not buying a player of Mahomes’ ilk NEVER taking his talents anywhere else, especially with Andy Reid being 61 years old, and the Chiefs organization not really known as having superior competence in the past.

Check out the audio below as Maller details why Chiefs fans shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Patrick Mahomes is Not Going to Spend His Entire Career in Kansas City