Colin Cowherd: Cowboys' Week 16 Loss to Eagles Cost Dak Prescott a Fortune

Colin Cowherd: “Why would the Cowboys suddenly NOT want to pay Dak Prescott? That Philadelphia game hurt Dak. Dak had the better o-line, way better wide receiving corps, way better running back, and he couldn't score a touchdown against a middle-of-the-pack Eagles defense. Carson Wentz had lawn furniture and deck chairs. You can talk about ‘deserve’, but it’s about ‘earn’. The last game on his contract he went on the road, and Jerry and Steven Jones are saying not only did we give you the best offensive line in the NFL, probably the second best receiving group outside Kansas City, arguably the running back, a middle of the pack defense, and you couldn’t score a touchdown. After Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson, I’m negotiating hard with EVERYONE.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys are hesitant to cave to quarterback Dak Prescott’s contract demands, as the free agent still anxiously waits for a resolution from a disinterested Dallas front office who doesn’t really seem all that concerned with ‘rewarding’ Dak.

Prescott is coming off an impressive statistical season ranking 2nd in the league in passing yards and 4th in QBR, but the Cowboys were arguably the most disappointing team in the NFL in 2019, finishing just 8-8 in a historically weak NFC East with one of the best rosters on paper.

Colin thinks Dak’s Week 16 loss versus the Eagles, the de-facto division championship game, cost the 26-year-old millions, as the Cowboys failed to score a touchdown, and Prescott posted his third worst QBR game of the season.

Check out the video above as Colin details why there was no way the Cowboys were going to simply go along with Prescott ovatious desires.