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Outkick Crew Debates the Talent Level in the New XFL

Outkick Crew Debates the Talent Level in the New XFL

After almost two decades, the XFL is back! Clay Travis is reacting to the opening weekend of games, he believes the first four games were an overall success for the League. The debut games were the four most watched sporting events on TV this past weekend.

The XFL is going to last at least two years, and not fall apart in the middle of the inaugural season like the Alliance of American Football did just a year ago, but will the XFL have long term success for many years to come?

"To me, the XFL's long range future is primarily going to be tied to the quarterback position, because it's hard to find good quarterbacks in the NFL. If it can become the case that guys who are just a little bit outside the fringe of the NFL, but who believe that they have a chance going forward to one day be NFL quarterbacks. Guys like Cardale Jones, that you might remember from college. I think they will have a pretty good level of interest for casual fans."

However, not everyone on the show was as sold on the XFL as Clay Travis, Danny G. and Dub were. Eddie Garcia argues that the quality of play just simply wasn't there for him. He did not find any of the quarterback play impressive at all, and he claims that he doesn't care about any of the players involved. This starts a debate over if it's psychological or not (thinking the talent level is nowhere near the NFL.)

Clay and the crew also talk about the new kickoff rules, the sideline interviews, hearing the coaches on the sideline call plays, the gambling aspects of the broadcast and more. Most of the staff enjoyed the opening weekend, but there were some doubts that were brought up as well. It will certainly be interesting to see how the XFL does going forward, and if it will indeed be a league that is around for years to come.

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