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Colin Cowherd: Joe Burrow's Average Arm Won't Overcome His Small Hands

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Colin Cowherd: “They measured Joe Burrow’s hands and they’re SMALL. Joe Burrow is laughing about it. Why do you think they test this stuff?? Patrick Mahomes came out and supported him because his hands are slightly smaller than average, but Mahomes has the BEST ARM ON THE PLANET. That overcomes lots of shortcomings. Mahomes also had a dad that was a pro athlete. So he’s a significantly better athlete than Joe Burrow, has the best football throwing arm in the world, and has Andy Reid as his counsel. Burrow is a decent athlete, not special, now we know he has small hands, has an average arm, and has Zac Taylor – who we don’t know if he can coach, as his counsel. Folks let’s just be honest, he’s a ‘good’ prospect’ he’s not a ‘great’ prospect. He’s a great STORY and the media loves 'stories'… I don’t like him making fun of the hands thing and it’s a little too cocky for me.” (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Joe Burrow’s hand size, which became the biggest story so far at the NFL combine this week, is a lot more relevant than people think.

Burrow’s hands measured out at 9 inches, which would be extremely small for a first round pick, let alone the first overall pick. NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes quickly came to the defense of Burrow on Twitter, saying his hands were only measured at 9 1/4 inches when he was drafted in 2017.

Colin, however, says Burrow’s small hands are a lot more impactful than Mahomes’ hands, considering Mahomes has one of the best arms in league history, whereas Burrow has an ‘average’ arm, according to Colin.

Check out the video below as Colin details why Burrow is simply a great ‘story’ and not a great ‘prospect’ and says Burrow shouldn’t be acting cocky on Twitter about his small hands either.