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Ric Bucher: '60% Chance' the NBA Cancels Rest of Their Season

Ric Bucher: '60% Chance' the NBA Cancels Rest of Their Season
Colin Cowherd: “Today, NBA season cancelled – what are the odds?”
Ric Bucher: “I say it’s probably 60/40 right now that it’s cancelled. The reality is that the farther down the line we get, the harder is it to start this up with the ramifications on NEXT season… The most optimistic I can be is that we’re playing playoffs in July… Everybody really wants to play and crown a champion, but then when you see how artificial crowning that champion will be – with these guys being out two or three months – it’s like you’re starting the season over. You’re not going to look at it as a ‘real’ champion. When that reality hits, then everyone is going to go ‘ehh is it REALLY a good idea??’ And that commitment is going to waiver.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to NBA insider Ric Bucher join The Herd with Colin Cowherd and explain why he believes there is a ‘60/40’ chance that the NBA cancels the rest of their season amid the sweeping coronavirus pandemic that has put the future of every sports league in America in a perilous position.

The cataclysmic COVID-19 has presented a daunting task to the sports and entertainment industry, as society has been forced to put all these simple pleasures on hold while the world looks to contain the unprecedented virus. Sports have suddenly become marginalized in favor of personal safety, and it remains extremely perplexing to try and pinpoint a period in time in which the world can go back to leagues like the NBA, MLB, PGA, and NHL.

Check out the audio above as Bucher details what the biggest challenges would be for the NBA should they attempt to restart play this summer, with the optimistic expectation that the virus is contained by then.