Bill Belichick Can Keep Patriots Dynasty Going With Jarrett Stidham

Doug Gottlieb: “There is no one way in which the Patriots have won… Just like the Patriots offense has evolved based upon the skillsets of the players and where Tom Brady was in his career, why would Bill Belichick not continue to evolve?? Can the Patriots continue to find more ways to win more games than they should year after year? Why not? Did Bill Belichick suddenly become an idiot?? Jarrett Stidham does not have to be prime Tom Brady. Can he be the Tom Brady of last year? Is that good enough to win 10 or more games? Probably.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss recent comments now-retired former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning made earlier in the week, that detailed why Manning thought the Patriots dynasty could continue even with the exodus of six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Despite Brady heading to Tampa, Gottlieb agrees with Eli, and thinks arguably the greatest NFL coach of all-time, Bill Belichick, can certainly evolve with a New England team who has found ways to win big for 20 years, no matter what the personnel was.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why Jarrett Stidham and the 2020 Patriots could win another 10+ games.

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