Mark Cuban: Mainstream Media Has 'Dramatically Amplified' Coronavirus Panic

Mark Cuban: Mainstream Media Has 'Dramatically Amplified' Coronavirus Panic
Colin Cowherd: “Do you think the news coverage has amplified the problem or been a non-factor?”
Mark Cuban: “Amplified it dramatically. You have to recognize who’s the audience for most cable news – it’s older. Twenty-one-olds aren’t tuning into CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News to get their information about any of this. If you look at the average age of any of those cable news networks it’s 65+. And who is the audience who will be most negatively affected and possibly die of the coronavirus? That same age group. I don’t think they have handled it correctly at all.” (Full Audio at Top of Page)

Listen to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, one of the most outspoken voices in the NBA and a well-respected businessman and entrepreneur among both old and young demographics, join The Herd to discuss the sweeping coronavirus pandemic in the United States, and its impact on society.

Cuban told Colin Cowherd that he believes the mainstream media has ‘dramatically amplified’ the hysteria being COVID-19, and the costly consequences it has contributed to not only with the actual spread of the virus, but the psychological perils it has caused as well – with some of those unnecessarily flamed by the media looking to capitalize on their anxious audience.

Check out the segment above and the full interview below.

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