Petros Tells Clay Travis to Take NBA Bubble Idea to Middle of 110 Freeway

Petros Tells Clay Travis to Take NBA Bubble Idea to Middle of 110 Freeway

Clay Travis is joined by Petros Papadakis of AM 570 LA Sports to discuss the potential of the NBA finishing off their season in Las Vegas.

Last week, Clay was on the forefront of this conversation, as he suggested the NBA could finish their season on a college campus. Players, coaches and refs would be able to live on the campus in isolation from everybody else, and theoretically be able to safely finish the season.

When Clay asked Petros about his idea last week, Petros shot it down with authority and hated the hypothetical. Well, now the conversation has slightly changed, but the principle of Clay's initial idea is the exact same. Clay is now arguing that Las Vegas would be the perfect spot. The teams, refs and skeleton media crews could all post up in various Vegas hotels, and the games could be played out in the numerous gyms and facilities around town with no fans in attendance.

Petros still doesn't like the idea, even though Clay's proposal is now gaining more traction on a national level, and the NBA itself is considering it as a potential possibility. Could this idea be the best way of bringing back the NBA? It seems like it certainly could be the safest option to keep the players out of harm's way, and a great way to get pro sports back on television sets across America and the world.

Find out why Petros says he's going to send a white coat to Clay.

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