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Chris Godwin Shouldn't Be Peer Pressured Into Giving Number 12 to Tom Brady

Nick Wright: “When Tom Brady, who has made nearly a quarter of a billion in the NFL, comes to a team and the guy who has his number has made a shade over $2 million a 3rd round pick on his rookie contract, it is unspoken that Brady is getting the number AND giving Godwin a brand new top of the line Mercedes Benz. Of course Brady should get number 12 once he makes it worth Godwin’s while, but the fact that he gave it up for no compensation I find it so unbelievable. I want to believe that Brady actually paid him, and that Brady is too classy to just Deebo the guy [reference from the movie Friday] for his number.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright explain to Colin Cowherd why he hopes that newly signed Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady actually compensated Pro Bowl wide receiver Chris Godwin for surrendering the number 12 to the six-time Super Bowl champion.

Godwin seemed grateful to pass the number off to his new living legend quarterback, but there hasn’t been any public mention on what Brady gave Godwin in exchange for the number 12, if anything.

Lesser known players giving up their numbers to star players isn’t anything new, but the gratuity involved has always been the bigger story, with some players even forking over six figures to get the number most synonymous with their brand and identity.

Check out the video above as Wright tells Colin why he really hopes Godwin got his due and didn’t just cave to peer pressure without any compensation.