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Outkick Jury Decides the Fate of Sean Miller & Will Wade

Outkick Jury Decides the Fate of Sean Miller & Will Wade

Clay Travis is reacting to HBO Sports' documentary 'The Scheme', about the investigation into the college basketball scandal that has been in the news over the past few years and has been talked about on Outkick the Coverage in the past, involving the FBI.

Christian Dawkins, the main focus of the documentary, was close with a number of college coaches as an agent in training ("a runner") and got set up by the FBI. Dawkins' phones were wire tapped and damning conversations were on display with Arizona head coach Sean Miller and LSU head coach Will Wade speaking openly about paying players.

Those recordings from Miller and Wade were played on Outkick this morning from the documentary, and Clay Travis argues that actually hearing the audio for the first time is much more meaningful than simply hearing about them or reading the transcripts.

Clay brings in the Outkick crew to decide what should happen to Will Wade and Sean Miller, and he also opens up the phone lines to create his famous "Outkick Jury," where the audience can decide the fate of these two coaches who lied. What happens or does not happen to them in real life will be a future topic of interest in the coming weeks and months!

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