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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 6 Worst Trades in Sports History

Babe Ruth to the Yankees

“The Red Sox would go 86 years without a title and the Yankees would win 4 with Babe. But here’s what is worse: they traded the best baseball player for 100 grand and a loan because the owner of the Red Sox wanted to finance musicals!”

Hornets Trade Kobe Bryant to the Lakers on Draft Night 1996:

“What did Charlotte get for him? Vlade Divac, who only played two years for Charlotte and the late Kobe would become one of the best players in league history.”

76ers Acquire Dr. J.

“So they acquire the Sixers bought Dr. J’s contract from the Nets for $3 million. The Knicks in New York made the Nets pay them almost $5 million for invading the Knicks’ territory. The Nets actually offered Dr. J to the Knicks and in classic Knicks fashion they turned down Dr. J., who goes to the rival Sixers, wins an MVP, a championship, and was an 11-time All-Star.”

Thunder Trade James Harden to the Rockets:

“Here’s what was weird about that: they got a couple first round picks, Kevin Martin, who was a talented NBA player, and Jeremy Lamb, who didn’t pan out. But the reason OKC really did it is because they wanted to avoid the luxury tax. But the luxury tax was going up that year anyway so they probably could have wiggled around it and paid very little luxury tax.”

Sonics Trade Scottie Pippen to the Bulls:

“Only NBA diehards know this. The Bulls got Scottie Pippen with the fifth overall pick for Olden Polynice and a couple of picks. Olden was out of Seattle in 3 and a half years, and Scottie was the best Robin in league history to a Batman.”

St. Louis Hawks Trade Bill Russell to the Boston Celtics:

“The Rochester Royals had the first pick in the Draft and Red Auerbach, the coach and GM of the Celtics, said ‘listen, I’ll give you the Ice Capades if you don’t take Bill Russell first.’ Rochester would take Cliff Hagan and move to Cincinnati the following year. Russell and the Celtics would go on to win 11 titles."