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Kyler Murray Is the Best Athlete in the World, Not LeBron James

LeBron and Kyler

Colin Cowherd reacts to Magic Johnson saying the following about LeBron James:

"The Lakers got eight new guys on the team, got a new coach as well, so now [James] had to make an adjustment to all these new faces and he still got the Lakers with the second-best record, he still dominated at a high level," Johnson said on ESPN's First Take on March 26. "Not only is he the MVP, he's the best player in the world." Johnson said there's no other athlete in the world who currently compares to James. 
"I like [Kansas City Chiefs quarterback] Patrick Mahomes, but he's no LeBron James," Johnson said onFirst Take. "And LeBron James is the No. 1 sports player in the world."

In the video below, Colin makes the case that the title of best sports player in the world belongs to Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kyler Murray.

"Magic Johnson says LeBron James is the best athlete in the world! I, of course, you would think would say yes and I'm gonna say, 'No he's not.' First of all, Kyler Murray was the first pick in the NFL Draft and also a Top 10 pick in Major League Baseball. So that's proof, not opinion and I'm into that these days. Proof, data, not opinion, no agendas. Secondly, Troy Aikman was drafted in baseball, John Elway, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, and (believe it or not) Jameis Winston. It is much more common than you think to be a great baseball pitcher, and become an NFL quarterback. There are two to three things that align. You have to have arm talent, hand/eye coordination and the other thing that's understated is agility."

Watch the full take below