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Including Two More Teams to NFL's New Playoff Format Cheapens Postseason

Rob Parker: “As usual, another money grab by the National Football League. Another terrible idea just based on ‘green’. Please tell me what was wrong with the NFL playoff system?? Absolutely nothing! What they did was water down the product, AGAIN, which meant with this format that the dreadful Pittsburgh Steelers would have made the playoffs this past year at 8-8. They were BAD. Why are we doing this? Why are we allowing teams with barely winning records to make the playoffs? It doesn’t make sense! It wasn’t broken and there was no reason to add two more teams. It’s all about ‘how much more money can we extract from the networks to line our pockets??’ I get the money case, but there is always an integrity case too. If that’s the case, then let EVERYBODY make the playoffs and have a 32-team playoff! Enough is enough!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast the NFL for their newly installed playoff format that will add one more team to each conference, boosting the postseason total from 12 to 14 beginning in 2021.

Parker called the playoff expansion a ‘money grab’ and said the NFL caved to the networks by ‘cheapening’ its postseason.

Check out the video above as Parker asks the NFL why they don’t just go to a 32-team March Madness type postseason if they want the TV revenue so badly.