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Rob Parker: LeBron James is Jealous of Upcoming Michael Jordan Documentary

Chris Broussard: “Rob, when you saw LeBron’s tweet, what was your first thought?”
Rob Parker: “LeBron James is trying to overshadow Michael Jordan’s documentary. What a weird time to all of the sudden want to this out when they just announced they were moving up the Jordan documentary… It’s typical LeBron… How convenient! Jordan has a documentary coming out and NOW LeBron decides that he wants to put out his best stuff, almost like a way to counter Michael Jordan to continue his relentless pursuit to try and convince people that’s he’s better than him… I’m sure the LeBron minions loved it.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thought it was awkward that LeBron James put out a random tweet announcing that he was going to host a Live video session on Instagram that would break down ‘some of my most memorable games and moments in my career’, on the same day that ESPN announced they were moving up the date of their highly anticipated 10-part series on Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls teams.

Check out the segment above as Rob says the tweet is ‘typical LeBron’, as a guy who was uncomfortable with MJ having the spotlight in an NBA-less down period amid the sweeping coronavirus pandemic, and a guy who wanted to ‘one-up’ Jordan while the attention was being shifted away from LeBron.