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Clay Travis & Peter King Argue Donald Trump's Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic

Clay Travis & Peter King Debate Donald Trump's Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic
Clay Travis: “Peter has taken some shots at me over the past couple years and most recently in his column he has said that I give the business a 'bad name', and said that I am an ‘insult to everyone who takes a job in the media.’ Peter, why do you dislike the things I have said?”
Peter King: “Talking about the current state of this country, time after time, day after day, you minimize the coronavirus. You did it for weeks at least. At one point in the last couple of weeks I went back and read your Twitter timeline and it lasted for a long time. A month ago yesterday you said, and I quote, ‘there is lots of fear porn out there trying to scare you, especially on social media. We are going to be fine and we are kicking the coronavirus’ ass. Enjoy your Friday night.’ I don’t get basically telling everybody that coronavirus is no problem, and go out and live your normal life.”
Clay Travis: “When you’re quoting that there was no stay at home order. Going back, and you know this, I can pull up clips from Dr. Fauci going on many different shows – and I can say the same thing about mayor Bill De Blasio, I can do the same thing for Andrew Cuomo, I can do the same thing for Nancy Pelosi, and I can do the same thing for Donald Trump – politicians across the political spectrum adjust their opinions on the coronavirus based on the data that is in front of them right now. The current data that is in front of us right now is that the coronavirus, based on the IHME model, is less likely to kill as many people who died from the flu two years ago. I am concerned that we have to make sure that our response to the coronavirus doesn’t also simultaneously destroy the economy. There are 17 million people who have lost jobs.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Clay Travis and NFL insider Peter King discuss the ongoing coronavirus pandemic across the United States, and fiercely debate Donald Trump’s handling of the global disaster, as well as the media’s influence on the public’s perception of COVID-19.

King and Travis have historically aligned themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to politics, and have often become dueling social media rivals on topics that have transcended sports and leaked into mainstream culture.

Check out the animated interview above as the two polar opposites debate Live on Outkick The Coverage, as both have also agreed to donate $1,000 to each other's charity of choice.