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Rob Parker Blasts Steph Curry's 'Overrated' Legacy in Heated Rant

Rob Parker: “Steph Curry is just not 'That Guy', I’ve told you over and over again. He had a chance to hit a 3 to win the game last year to force a Game 7 and bail his team out with all the injuries, and he didn’t make it. He NEVER makes those shots. Since 2010, Steph is only shooting 35% for his career in the last two minutes of close playoff games. By comparison, Kevin Durant shoots 39%, Duncan 40.3%, LeBron 40.5%, and Kobe 41.8%. Of all these stars we’re talking about, Steph is BAD. In the Finals, Steph’s field goal percentage drops 5.5% from the field and 4.7% from three [compared to the regular season]. His efficiency drops and his turnovers also increase in the playoffs. Steph is not that guy, and overvalued by a lot of people. He is a ‘MIRAGE.’ Everybody thinks he's the greatest shooter and great player of all time but numbers don’t add up. He would be great if he was playing on the Harlem Globetrotters and making half court shots, throwing buckets on confetti, and playing with the referee, but when it comes down to the big moments, he's the author of the biggest choke in NBA history on that 73-win team and losing three straight Finals games. FIRST TIME IN NBA HISTORY that a team CHOKED DOWN a 3-1 lead. He’s great making shots against teams like the Washington Generals when nothing is on the line!” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker rip Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry after confident comments Curry made this week on Javale McGree’s podcast saying he can post 60 on ‘everybody’ when asked which defender Curry most wants to see on the court to light up.

Check out the rant above as Parker says Curry’s NBA legacy is highly overvalued by the mainstream media, and details why he believes Curry’s reputation as a basketball player with always be synonymous with coming up the smallest on the biggest stage, and forever immortalized in infamy by choking the 2016 NBA Finals and becoming the first team in NBA history to blow a 3-1 Finals lead.