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Tom Brady Admits to Howard Stern Show that He Smoked Weed in High School

Howard Stern: “When you were in high school, would you go out and party, and drink, and smoke weed and stuff, or would you sit there and say to yourself ‘I am going to be a professional athlete, my body is a temple, I’m not screwing with this thing, and I am in completely hype- focused on sports'?"
Tom Brady: “I definitely wanted to fit in with the crowd that went to the parties, and had fun, and I was kind of friends with those guys, but in the end what kept me from smoking a lot of weed — obviously in high school you try that and drink and go to parties — but I always felt like I was letting my dad down in a way. My dad was actually going to be a priest… We had such a close relationship and my dad was always available to me, so in a way, when I would do those things I always felt really guilty. If I woke up the next morning with a hangover, I just felt guilty about it… I definitely had my fun in high school with partying and drinking and smoking weed, on occasion, but as I got later into my high school life those things became less, and less, and less.”

Tom Brady joined the Howard Stern Show in a somewhat ground-breaking two+ hour interview that featured the six-time Super Bowl champion in one of his most outspoken and candid media appearances ever.

Not only did Brady dish on having Derek Jeter as his new landlord, his relationship with Donald Trump, his first realizations he was leaving New England, and some of Rob Gronkowski’s most absurd antics in the locker room, but Brady was also surprisingly open in admitting that he smoked weed on occasion in high school (segment at 35:20 mark during interview)


Check out the most memorable clips from his refreshing interview below.