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Jay Glazer: Brian Allen is First NFL Player to Test Positive For COVID-19

Jay Glazer: “This is a news item that I hoped I would not have to break. We had Sean Payton on, who was the first member of the NFL family who we found out had the coronavirus and now I’m here to report that we now have news of the first PLAYER to test positive for the coronavirus and it is Rams center Brian Allen. I talked to Brian this morning and he said he got it actually about three weeks ago and the first thing he said was ‘I was woke up three weeks ago and I could not smell anything. I lost all sense of smell to the point where I had smelling salts here, cracked them open, put them to my nose, and nothing happened.’ Then he lost his sense of taste and said he couldn’t feel anything but the texture in his mouth. Then he said he got periodic sore throats, felt realty fatigued, his throat wouldn’t stop burning, and it felt different from every other flu he has had. He then got headaches, got stiff, and would have to sit down. He said those symptoms lasted for 3 or 4 days. He said he was tested again last week and tested positive AGAIN. Brian said because of the length he has had it, as of Thursday he said his symptoms have cleared up except for his taste and his smell.”

Jay Glazer says Rams' offensive lineman Brian Allen is the first NFL player to test positive for coronavirus.