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COVID-19: Dodgers Fans Still Finding Ways to Troll Astros During Quarantine

On Friday, April 10, LA County health department officials extended the stay at home measures here in Los Angeles until at least May 15, and possibly into the summer, in order slow the spread of novel coronavirus.

The county has been under social distancing measures since March 16, when the City of LA ordered restaurants and bars to close their facilities. Not only that, all professional sports a are currently on hold for the foreseeable future, which means fans all around the county have a lot of time on their hands.

Early on Saturday, some fans were spotted with a sign poking fun at the Houston Astros while under quarantine with a sign that reads:

U Can't Spell Shutdown Stay Home Order Without Astros Cheated. Just Sayin

Even during a time like this, fans can't wait until the baseball season is starting so they have something to root for.