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Brady Quinn Says Clemson's Isaiah Simmons is Not a Top 10 Pick

Brady Quinn Says Clemson's Isaiah Simmons is Not a Top 10 Pick
Brady Quinn: “He could fit with Detroit, he could fit with the New York Giants, and any of these defenses you could find a place for him, but I became a little bit concerned that if you’re looking at him as a safety or linebacker – either way it just seems a little rich. He really is a top 3 talent when you look at the way he moves, and how sure I am that he can transition in the NFL in literally being a perennial Pro Bowler – like he’s that type of player. The problem is that he’s going to be doing it at a position that I don’t really know how it’s going to help your team improve in winning football games. He’s going to be a tremendous player, but if you can’t protect your quarterback, you can’t cover on the outside on the cornerback spot, or rush the quarterback, it’s all about the pass game and it’s all about the quarterback… He’s kind of a tweener in where people see him fitting in. Whether you see him as a safety or a linebacker, those positions aren’t valued quite as much.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Brady Quinn explain why he doesn’t think Clemson linebacker and safety Isaiah Simmons will be selected in the top 10 of the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft, despite most mock drafts pegging Simmons as a bonafide top 5 pick.

Simmons is a versatile 6’4”, 240=pound linebacker who also spent time at safety and cornerback last season for a dominant Clemson team who has lost just one game the last two seasons. Simmons won the Butkus Award this past season as the nation’s top linebacker.

Check out the audio above as Quinn details why he has Simmons falling out of the top 10.

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