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Shaq: 2000 Lakers Were Greatest NBA Team Ever, Not Michael Jordan's Bulls

Shaq: 2001 Lakers Were Greatest NBA Team Ever, Not Michael Jordan's Bulls
Chris Broussard: “You said your best Lakers team would beat the best Bulls team. Why do you think you would have taken them out?”
Shaquille O’Neal: “Because there are two X-factors. When they played people they didn’t double a lot. They just scrambled and moved. They would have to double or they would probably go to the ‘Hack a Shaq’, and the X-factor would be if I can shoot 65%-70% and get their guys in foul trouble, they don’t have a shot. You know Kobe is gonna step up to the challenge, and B-Shaw and Rick Fox are gonna take turns on Scottie. I’m wearing Bill Wennington and Rick Cartwright’s asses out.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Shaquille O’Neal explain why he thought his 1999-2000 Los Angeles Lakers team, who went 67-15 and won the NBA Finals in six games over Reggie Miller’s Indiana Pacers was the greatest NBA team of all time, and not the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls that went 72-10 and beat the Seattle Supersonics in the Finals.

Check out the audio above as Shaq explains why he doesn’t think the Bulls could have contained a dominant big man like himself, and check out the full interview below as Shaq discusses ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker.

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