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Red Sox Player Says Team Used its Video Replay Operator as Their 'Fall Guy'

Today, Major League Baseball handed down the punishment to the Boston Red Sox for their role in the sign stealing scandal.

MLB’s investigation into the Red Sox’s sign-stealing during their 2018 championship season lasted more than three months, covered 65 witnesses and hundreds of thousands of emails, texts and videos to determine that the video-replay system operator did it.

A minor leaguer by the name of Jeremy Barfield went off on Twitter today to talk about the punishment that came down on the Red Sox today by Major League Baseball and Rob Manfred.

'JT Watkins is the fall guy in the Red Sox cheating scandal. Saw that sh** first hand. They just pinned it on him. The guy served our country let's not tarnish his name. He wasn't just some "low level employee"..He also threw some of the best BP in all the land. Damn shame.'

Watkins, Boston’s video-replay operator in 2018 and an advanced scouting assistant now, was suspended for the rest of a season that might not be played due to the coronavirus pandemic. The commissioner’s report determined that Watkins, at times during the 2018 season, used the game feeds in the replay room 'in violation of MLB regulations, to revise sign sequence information that he had permissibly provided to players prior to the game.'