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Clay Travis: The NFL Got This Draft 100% Right

Clay Travis: The NFL Got This Draft 100% Right

Clay Travis is reacting to last night's first round of the NFL Draft. Obviously we are all living in a different world than we are used to, and the NFL Draft was no exception to this. The 2020 Draft was supposed to be an amazing, once in a lifetime ceremony in Las Vegas, but last night the very first virtual NFL Draft took place, and Clay says that the NFL nailed it!

Clay believes that the NFL was able to provide some sort of normalcy to the American sporting world. Clay also loved how simple and relatable the programming was. Being able to see coaches, GMs, players and their families, and Roger Goodell from their own homes, with their own families and close friends, was a really nice touch for the broadcast and viewing experience as a whole.

Clay also gives credit to ESPN and the NFL Network for the way that they were able to handle the broadcast with so many different moving parts.

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