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COVID-19: Rob Parker Blasts NFL For Contemplating Season Without Bye Weeks

COVID-19: Rob Parker Blasts NFL For Contemplating Season Without Bye Weeks
Rob Parker: “I guess this all about money and NOT about player safety, and whether it’s good for players who might get injured along the way and have their careers shortened. It just doesn’t matter. It’s like we got this money on the table and we gotta produce 16 weeks of games to get all of our money. They don’t wanna take less and they don’t wanna cut it back. There’s a reason you put bye weeks in, and to now say that they don’t matter? Then why would we ever have a bye week then? HOW DON’T THEY MATTER? WHY? Cause you want money! This is bad and the Players Association should never go for this. Twenty weeks in a row?? It AIN’T right.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker rip the NFL for a recent COVID-19 contingency plan that the league floated that would have the 2020 NFL season begin in the middle of October and end the last weekend in February. There would be no bye weeks during the regular season, and there would only be one week in between the conference championships and the Super Bowl instead of two.

In this devised plan, the league would successfully delay its season to better protect itself in the event that the coronavirus pandemic is still lingering this fall, but would also mean getting rid of all 32 teams' bye weeks during the regular season, as well as the bye week before the Super Bowl.

Check out the audio above as Rob says this is just another attempt at a money grab for the NFL, as Rob says getting rid of the bye week is a terrible message the league is sending in regards to player safety.