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Top 10 Quarterback and Head Coach Combinations in the NFL

Top 10 Quarterback and Head Coach Combinations in the NFL according to Colin Cowherd.

10. Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur – Packers

9. Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin – Steelers

8. Jared Goff and Sean McVay –Rams

7. Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan – 49ers

6. Tom Brady and Bruce Arians – Buccaneers

5. Lamar Jackson and Jim Harbaugh – Ravens

4. Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson – Eagles

3. Drew Brees and Sean Payton – Saints

2. Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll – Seahawks

1. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid – Chiefs

Listen to Colin Cowherd rank the league’s best coach and quarterback combinations in a segment that alluded to comments Jerry Jones made on Monday that said he thought the Dallas Cowboys had one of the best Drafts they’ve ever had.

Colin says the idea of a team nailing a draft really only has to do with who their current head coach and quarterback are at the time, as Colin says the assurance of having a great quarterback allows teams to take more risks with their picks, and allows them to select higher ceiling players that bad teams don’t have the luxury of taking waivers on, as Dallas ended up taking Oklahoma wideout CeeDee Lamb.

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