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Trump Deputy Communications Director Erin Perrine Joins Clay Travis

Trump Deputy Communications Director Erin Perrine Joins Clay Travis

Clay Travis is joined by Deputy Communications Director for Donald Trump's 2020 campaign, Erin Perrine, to discuss the Coronavirus as well as the world of sports. Erin is a huge Buffalo Bills fan, as well as a UConn alum, and Clay and Erin talk about some of her best sports memories from her two favorite teams.

Clay asks Erin how her daily life has changed while working at the White House during the Coronavirus pandemic. What are some of the precautions that have been taken at the Executive Mansion for all the people that work there on a daily basis? Erin details how every person that enters the White House must get their temperature taken upon entry.

Clay explains how he watches the White House press conferences every day, and he asks Erin about her relationship with the media at the White House, as Erin is involved with the media each day with her job.

Finally, Clay asks Erin how important the return of sports is to the country as a whole, and Erin strongly believes that sports coming back is going to be massive to our country so people can begin to feel a sense of normalcy in the United States again.

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