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Best Landing Spots For Aaron Rodgers After Breakup With Packers

Colin Cowherd: “Two years down the road I can think of three perfect fits. Let’s say Justin Herbert doesn’t move the needle for the Chargers; they play him a little this year and it doesn’t work. Then the next year they give the reins to him and it REALLY doesn’t work? It’s LA and they’re not selling tickets while the Rams are selling out. LeBron is in town, Kawhi is in town, the Dodgers are in town, USC football is rolling… Aaron Rodgers has a house in Malibu… Here’s the second team – San Francisco 49ers. Garoppolo has been hurt a couple of times, and Kyle Shanahan is tired of losing big games and losing big leads in the Super Bowl. Aaron played at Cal, and again – has a place in Malibu. If Garoppolo gets hurt again or underachieves? Contrat over, BOOM. How about the Saints? Drew Brees plays this year and then they segway into either Jameis Winston next year or Taysom Hill. Sean Payton is like ‘ehh, that’s not working for me’, and BOOM, Aaron Rodgers with Sean Payton.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss three potential landing spots for Aaron Rodgers if his road to perdition continues in Green Bay, with the franchise delivering a shot across the bow of the 36-year-old with the drafting of first round quarterback Jordan Love. A move that we would later find out had some ulterior motives.

Check out the video above as Colin details three teams that would make the most sense for Rodgers to team up with, as Rodgers could soon pull a Tom Brady for a last hurrah at Super Bowls.