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Pistons Owe Zero Apology to Michael Jordan's Bulls For Not Shaking Hands

Pistons Owe Zero Apology to Michael Jordan's Bulls For Not Shaking Hands
Dan Patrick: “Isiah, for some reason, is apologizing for how he treated Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Your nickname was the Bad Boys, you don’t apologize! It would be like the Hell’s Angels apologizing. The Pistons were the Hell’s Angels of basketball, they took no prisoners, and they made no apologies. You’re the Pistons, that is the last thing I want to hear.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick explain why Isiah Thomas’ Detroit Pistons owe Michael Jordan’s Bulls zero apology, after ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary focused in on their infamous walk-off on the Bulls during the final moments of Game 4 of the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals.

The two-time defending champion Pistons were badly swept and humiliated by a young and budding Bulls team that Detroit had previously owned in the playoffs, and walked off the court with about 20 seconds to play without shaking any of the Bulls hands.

Bulls players interviewed in the documentary were still visibly upset that they Pistons walked off without giving Chicago their due, with former Bulls forward Horace Grant memorably saying that the Pistons were ‘straight up b*tches.’

Check out the Audio above as Dan explains that these were the ‘Bad Boy’ Pistons we’re talking about here, one of the roughest and most rebellious teams in league history, and how it’s foolish to expect proper sportsmanship from those guys.