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Ex-NFL VP Who Drafted Aaron Rodgers Calls Packers 'Most Spoiled Team Ever'

Andrew Brant: “This is not new with the Packers. Randy Moss was available, ‘go get him!’, Terrell Owens was available, ‘go get him, guys, go get him!’ That’s just not the Packers, it’s not. They’re not the quick fix guys, and aren’t gonna go out and get the big names and the veteran players. They’re going to draft and develop young guys… And it’s worked better than ‘first rounders’… Everyone hated my pick 15 years ago, and everyone hates this pick now. So if they don’t take Jordan Love and they take Michael Pittman or take Brandon Aiyuk -- Does that put them over the hump to reach the Super Bowl? REALLY? They hope that this guy secures their future just like Rodgers did. The Packers are the most spoiled team in the history of football because they have 30 years of franchise quarterbacks and the hope is that they have 45 years.”

Listen to former Green Bay Packers VP Andrew Brandt, who was with the organization when the team drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2004, joined The Doug Gottlieb Show to defend the team after they drafted Utah State quarterback Jordan Love in what turned out to be one of the most derided moves in Draft history.

Check out the interview above as Brant details why the Packers are the ‘most spoiled team in the history of football’ because of how great their quarterbacks have been, and how Love was drafted to keep that streak going.