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Lane Kiffin Says He Was Unfairly Fired at USC

Lane Kiffin: "The thing that bothered me the most is that I wasn't graded on a fair scale. We weren't 1-10. We had 30 less scholarships and when it hits, all your juniors and seniors can leave then you have to sign a #1 recruiting class in the country with kids knowing they can't play in a bowl game for 2 years. Everyone said I couldn't coach....but, everyone forgot about that." (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Lane Kiffin join The Herd to discuss how his coaching career has evolved since becoming the youngest coach in NFL history when former Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis made the unprecedented move of hiring the then 32-year-old Kiffin in 2007.

Thirteen years and five different jobs later and Kiffin has made his way back to the SEC as the head coach of Ole Miss.

Kiffin’s career was seemingly dwindling in the early 2010’s when he was fired at Southern Cal after getting off to a 3-2 start in his fourth season in 2013. He would conclude his tenure therewith a 28-15 record.

Kiffin told Colin Cowherd that he was being unfairly lambasted for leading the program to mediocre standards relative to the normal immaculate expectations of the USC football program, and says people were way too harsh on him during a period where the school was being hammered for scholarships amidst the Reggie Bush scandal with the NCAA that saw have to USC vacate its 2004 BCS title, get docked dozens of scholarships for the coming season, and even included a two-year bowl ban in 2010 and 2011.

Check out the full segment above as Kiffin details why he doesn’t think he got a fair shake at USC.