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Clay Travis Enjoys California's Approved Outdoor Activities List

Clay Travis Enjoys California's Approved Activities List

Clay Travis is reacting to the state of California's approved activities list that was recently updated for the residents of the state. Danny G. brought the list to Clay's attention, at first, Clay did not believe that the list was real and complained he had been given false information. Clay visited California's website though, confirmed that the list was in fact legit, and is dumbfounded that a government employee was paid to put it together.

There are a number of things on the outdoor list that don't make sense to Clay. Who was clambering to "explore rock pools" and why is table tennis and badminton allowed, but not actual tennis? Clay finds it particularly amazing that residents of California are being given permission to walk their dog, throw a football, kick a soccer ball, and his personal favorite... watch the sunrise OR the sunset.

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