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Patrick Ewing Says His 'Dream Team' Olympic Gold Medals Were Stolen

Dan Patrick: “What did you keep from the ‘Dream Team’?”
Patrick Ewing: “My house got broken into in New York at one point and they stole my medals. I called Jerry Colangelo and he was great to be able to get me two replacement medals.”
DP: “Had you ever talked about losing your medals? I had not heard that before.”
Ewing: “No, this is the first time. They took those and took my college championship ring. Somebody tried to sell it on eBay and I was able to get that back. Sometimes it’s tough to be well known… Jerry Colangelo took care of me and he’s a great guy.” (Full segment above)

Listen to Patrick Ewing reveal to The Dan Patrick Show about how a burglar broke into his apartment in New York City and stole his U.S. Basketball gold medals, and his 1984 National Championship ring from Georgetown.

Ewing says that Jerry Colangelo, the former director of United States basketball, was able to obtain replacement medals for Ewing, who was a part of the iconic 1992 ‘Dream Team', and says he was also able to block the ring from being sold on eBay. Ewing was also a member of the 1984 Olympic team who won the gold as well, back when the United States only sent college superstars.

Check out the interview above as Ewing recalls the story, and gives his input on ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary, chronicling Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls teams of the 80's and 90's.