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'The Last Dance' Documentary is Greatly Elevating Isiah Thomas' Legacy

'The Last Dance' Documentary is Greatly Elevating Isiah Thomas' Legacy
Chris Broussard: “Isiah Thomas is the biggest player outside of the Bulls that is starring in this documentary. The greatest player of all time is obsessed with you. THIRTY YEARS LATER he’s still talking about you. THIRTY YEARS LATER he still views you as his nemesis, and we see in that YOU were the guy beating him. Little old, 6’1”, 170-pound Isiah Thomas was the obstacle, and you were the guy he couldn’t get past for several years. You were the one who forced him into the weight room to get bigger and stronger. He’s not talking about Magic, and he’s not talking about Bird. His nemesis was Isiah Thomas, and in a strange way it does lift Isiah’s stature.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he thinks Isiah Thomas is actually greatly benefiting from ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary, even though the series has painted the Detroit Pistons legend and NBA Hall of Famer out to be this evil villain.

Broussard says the doc is strangely lifting the stature of Thomas’ career, saying that HE was the one Jordan couldn’t beat, HE was the one forcing Jordan into the weightroom, and HE was the one the greatest player of all time is still complaining about 30 years later.

Check out the audio above as Chris details why the younger generation is realizing how good Isiah and those Pistons teams really were.