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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 Most Interesting NFL Teams Heading into 2020

Colin Cowherd counts down his top 10 most interesting NFL teams heading into the 2020 season.

Colin Cowherd: “These are the ten teams that will get me to a TV set this year.”

10. Steelers

“Big Ben is coming back, their offense lagged, they’ve got a great defense, they’re a historical franchise, and as Jay Glazer pointed out, Big Ben is not an ‘offseason grinder’ guy. There’s some drama here and I’m interested. I’m predicting that Ben isn’t great, the timing isn’t sensational, and that they don’t make the playoffs.”

9. Seahawks

“There’s not a lot of drama, and they’ll make the playoffs, but I do believe that Russell Wilson is the best football player in the NFL. He’s the best total player with leadership, intelligence, playmaking, accuracy, and skill at his position. Russell is always going to make my top 10. They were the fourth best rushing team last year and I think they will improve there. They’ve upgraded their offensive line and I want to watch Greg Olsen as well.”

8. Cardinals

I’m fascinated by Arizona because there is a little bit of a tire fire component here. Kyler Murray is like a poor man’s Russell Wilson, they gave him DeAndre Hopkins, Steve Keim is a friend, and with Kliff Kingsbury we really don’t know if it’s going to work. Arizona could be 4-12 or 9-7.”

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