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Cowboys and Dak Prescott Could Be Nearing a Breakup

Cowboys and Dak Prescott Could Be Nearing Breakup in 2021
RJ Bell: "I believe the odds of Dak staying with the Cowboys after this season are a lot less than people think. I think most people would say 95% of more, because how often does a top-10 type quarterback leave the team that drafted him? Not many. To me, why would Dak stay? Apparently he doesn't love the Cowboys enough to get Jerry Jones to make him an offer he can accept. Because Jerry Jones never has trouble paying, and that, I believe, is part of the reason why Dak would want to leave. When you overpay everyone, how good can you be moving forward? The very premise of the NFL is hard cap, you gotta spend your money wisely. When you get good deals, you win games." (Full Video Above)

Listen to RJ Bell explain why he doesn’t think there is any guarantee that Dak Prescott will be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys in 2021, as RJ thinks with each passing day the chances lessen that Prescott is a member of the team past this season.

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