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COVID-19: Greedy Tony Clark and Coddled MLBPA Are Completely Out of Touch

Ben Maller: “I’m on the side of Major League Baseball on this one… 1. Clearly the Players Union is not fully aware of the surrounding environment that we’re all living in right now. This response shows you how out of touch the players of Major League Baseball are and Tony Clark has to own this. We’re talking about the blind leading the blind if this is their response. Typically I would side with the players, and I’d rather side with labor than the boss, but there are millions of Americans who have taken the forced haircut – it’s like Floyd Mayweather making it rain with pay cuts, furloughs, and pink slips – and yet Tony Clark has the hutzpah to spit a loogie over the idea of sharing revenues for ONE season… It’s humiliating for the players in baseball and they seem like a bunch of coddled clowns in this, and are not going to get any public sympathy. No matter what the 2020 season looks like, the revenues are NOT going to be normal.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller blast Tony Clark and the MLB Players Association after a devised plan to begin the 2020 season was shot down by the union for their unwillingness to consider a new salary proposal uniquely created for a season that will be massively affected by the coronavirus.

Check out the video above as Maller details how greedy and out of touch the union comes off as, with their refusal to accept temporary financial terms during a pandemic that all of us have had to make sacrifices for.

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