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Jay Glazer Says He's Getting Trolled For 'Fat-Shaming' Ben Roethlisberger

Jay Glazer Says He's Gotten Hate Mail For 'Fat-Shaming' Ben Roethlisberger
Jay Glazer: “I wasn’t talking about his rehab, I was talking about his lack of 'Jack LaLanne' fitness. He was fine with it, but the way people reacted to it… I literally have fans telling me as a result of this story that they hope I die of COVID. They've said how much they hate me, and how they think I’m fat. Folks, I ain’t fat, I can tell you that. I may be short, but I ain’t fat, and I’m really tall when I’m standing up over you when you’re laying on the ground.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Jay Glazer join The Jason Smith Show to explain how he’s gotten absurd messages all week from fans telling him ‘I hope you die from COVID’ simply because of comments Glazer made in an article he wrote in ‘The Athletic’.

Click here for the original story last week.

Here was the particular line from the short column:

“First of all, let’s not put the words fitness and Ben Roethlisberger together, they are allergic to each other. There is no fitness in Ben Roethlisberger. His idea of a great offseason workout program is doing one yoga session, playing golf, and drinking some beer.”

Glazer says Roethlisberger’s agent even called him and said that Roethlisberger was ‘upset’ that Glazer made the comments during a time in which Big Ben is supposed to be rehabbing from a season-ending injury he suffered in Week 2, and media outlets were running with the jabs like Ben wasn’t taking his rehab seriously.

“I called Ben because his agent called me and said ‘Ben is upset’ and I was like ‘what are you talking about?’ and he was like ‘you were ripping Ben’s fitness’ and I was like ‘are we honestly having this conversation? Wait, was he really upset?’ And he was like ‘well, people think he’s not rehabbing’…I was never talking about his rehab. He is rehabbing great. I was making a joke in my Athletic column and pumping up what him and Mike Tomlin were doing, but someone had pulled it out again and said that I was saying Ben’s rehab consisted of ‘yoga, beer, and golf’ and that’s not what I was saying… I make fun of Ben all the time and he makes fun of me. We get after each other. But he was honestly upset by this. I’ve known Ben for a long time and Ben and I have had our things in the past. Ben and I get after each other, and sometimes I get a little trigger-happy wanting to get after Ben.”

Listen to the interview above as Glazer talks about how ridiculous the blowback has gotten for something that was really supposed to be just a friendly jab between good friends.

Jay Glazer Says Ben Roethlisberger Was 'Upset' He Joked About Ben's Fitness

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