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Clay Travis: MLB Is Blowing a Golden Opportunity

Clay Travis: MLB Is Blowing a Golden Opportunity

Clay Travis believes that Major League Baseball is missing a great opportunity by not being the first major American sports league to come back to action.

Clay goes through the proposed rules for baseball when they do eventually come back, and it's a long list of health precautions. Clay believes that instead of focusing on rules to prevent players from getting the Coronavirus, they should be focusing on the protocols to use when players do eventually get ill.

Clay further explains that with the health and age of professional baseball players, the risk of severe cases or death is extremely low. Clay thinks that MLB needs to step up and get back going, just like the UFC has been able to do.

Clay thinks that the players are in danger of making the same mistake this year as they did in 1994. Baseball needs to be back and baseball should be back. Clay claims that baseball is a sport that naturally social distances pretty well as is, and it should be an easy return to the field.

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