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Stephen Jackson Speaks Out About the Death Of Best Friend George Floyd

Stephen Jackson's fight for justice inthe killing ofGeorge Floyd— an unarmed black man who wasmurdered by a Minneapolis police officer— is deeply personal.

In an interview with theToday show, the retired NBA star spoke about his close relationship with George, who he called his best friend and twin, as well as his ongoing pursuit of justice for his murder.

"We always hung together. Every time I went to Houston, it was my first stop, to stop and pick him up," Stephen said, sharing that their friendship first blossomed when they met while growing up in Texas.

"Once we saw each other, the first question we asked: 'Who your daddy?' 'Who your daddy?' And it went from there," he said.

Stephen went on to speak of Floyd's character, saying, "What’s killing me the most about this whole thing is, being a professional athlete, so many people abuse your friendship and your kindness. And he was one of those guys that genuinely supported me. He didn’t call unless he really needed it. And you don’t have many people that genuinely support you without any motives. And Floyd was that guy."

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