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Vic Fangio Shouldn't Apologize for Controversial Remarks on Racism in NFL

Vic Fangio Shouldn't Have Apologized for Controversial Remark on NFL Racism

Vic Fangio: "I think our problems in the NFL along those lines are minimal. We're a league of meritocracy -- you earn what you get, you get what you earn. I don't see racism at all in the NFL, I don't see discrimination in the NFL -- we all live together, joined as one, for one common goal, and we all intermingle and mix tremendously."

Doug Gottlieb: “This is what hurts and this is the problem. We’ve stopped listening to one another. The way it’s supposed to work is you say your side, and I say my side, even when you’re yelling at each other… What so many people who want to claim systematic racism will tell you is ‘Hey, if you don’t accept that this is the way that it is then…’ – what if my experience is different than yours? If I’m Vic Fangio, I’m a senior citizen now, and had to wait 25 years to get my head coaching job. There wasn’t any systematic oppression which promoted me… The idea that he needs to apologize for HIS perspective, having lived it is a big problem. We do the opposite of what we’re saying we’re doing – ‘hey man, we’re protesting because you gotta listen, and you gotta see these problems that exist.’ Alright, well what if my experience in this specific sport and place of work is different? ‘Well, then your opinion doesn’t matter!’ That’s what we’re saying here. Vic Fangio, who spent his entire professional life coaching, and who has spent the last 25 years trying to get a head coaching job finally gets one and people are like ‘well, there is systematic racism in football!’ NO THERE’S NOT. There WAS. You can’t excuse what happened to Warren Moon and you can’t excuse what happened to so many, but we’re in a place now where you’re just trying to win games.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss the backlash around Broncos head coach Vic Fangio’s recent ‘I don’t see racism in the NFL’ comments that have sparked outrage across the sport, as Fangio even had to come out on Wednesday morning to apologize for his remarks.

Gottlieb believes why we have a problem in this sport when people have to apologize now for their own perspective, and have to bow down to the other side of the aisle without any kind of fair debate from both viewpoints.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why he agrees with Fangio's sentiment of the NFL being a meritocracy that looks past race, as Gottlieb believes the league's racial issues are a thing of the past.