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MLB Players Should Have Taken the 50/50 Split From the Start

MLB Players Should Have Taken the 50/50 Split From the Start

Clay Travis is growing more and more frustrated with Major League Baseball. We are 9 days into the month of June, and MLB players and owners don't seem to be getting any closer to reaching an agreement to get back onto the field. Based on player's social media reactions to the owners newest 76 game proposal yesterday, it was dead on arrival.

Clay believes that this should not be that hard, if you put players, owners and their representatives in a room for 24 hours, with no phones present, then a deal would get done. This disagreement has dragged on because of revenue sharing, not Coronavirus safety concerns.

Clay argues that the best option for both parties would have been the initial idea of an even 50/50 revenue split. There are already states that would allow limited crowds to be present at games, and with more states to follow that trend in the coming weeks, as a player, why wouldn't you want to split that potential revenue?

At this point in time, the earliest baseball could be back is on July 10th. By the time July rolls around, there could be a dozen states that may allow fans at sporting events. Baseball has totally missed on this entire situation, to help heal America with live sports, and could've had the entire calendar of team sports to themselves right now.

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