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Bob Costas Says MLB Owners & Players 'Seem Determined To Drive Off a Cliff'

Dan Patrick:"Everything has leaked out. I don't know what this strategy is by Major League Baseball or the Players Association. If you were going to be a mediator would you bring both sides together?"
Bob Costas: "Figure out what the actual pool of money would be under any of these proposals if it's that important to the players to get the prorated portion... They need to keep calibrating it until they get to the right number. These two sides seem determined to drive off a cliff. There's so much lasting mistrust between both sides that has been passed down through generations. I don't think either side can claim any moral high ground in this situation. If the business itself is damaged then everybody is damaged. If the business thrives then everybody does better. The owners won some concessions in the last couple major negotiations...can we say that the players didn't thrive? Of course they did. They are still going to take an economic hit next year and beyond no matter what....and instead here they are squabbling over small things and not seeing the importance of the big things" (Full Segment Above

Listen to iconic Major League Baseball commentator and historian Bob Costas join The Dan Patrick Show to explain why he thinks MLB owners and players ‘seem determined to drive themselves off a cliff’ in the midst of their perpetual fisticuffs over a revenue sharing proposal in a COVID-19 shortened season that could potentially be lost for good.

Check out the video above as Costas says that hostility between the players and owners has been passed down over generations, and presents an age old mistrust between both parties that has never ceased.