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MLB Can Save the 4th of July Sports Calendar With This Idea

MLB Can Save the 4th of July Sports Calendar With This Idea

Clay Travis has not been impressed with Major League Baseball in recent weeks, however, Clay believes that there is still a chance that MLB can save themselves just a little bit on July 4th.

Clay gets so many daily emails and direct messages that he can't read them all, but one message recently caught his eye, enough so that he shared it on-air and says he'll keep beating the drum. An Outkick listener believes that MLB should do some good for America by putting on a Home Run Derby/fireworks event on the 4th of July.

Clay loves the idea. This would be a perfect way to help the country celebrate on Independence Day and bring baseball back into our lives, as a peace offering for suffering through their drawn out negotiations to start the season. Clay believes that with a big fireworks show added to the HR Derby, baseball could raise a ton of money for charitable causes.

Even with no actual baseball games on July 4th, an Independence Day Home Run Derby could be a very nice consolation prize.

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