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Patrick Mahomes is Receiving Too Much Praise For Supporting George Floyd

Chris Broussard: “All these columns are praising Patrick Mahomes for what he did and I think they’re a little over the top… I’ll salute Mahomes and all the other players for what they did, and I think it was great they came together like that, but I think this over the top praise is a sign how low the bar really is and how little we really expect from black athletes to be able to speak up. Patrick Mahomes is a human being, and human beings, regardless of race, saw what happened to George Floyd and were appalled. That’s essentially all that Mahomes did. Any person should be able to voice their displeasure with an unjust situation, and that’s all Patrick Mahomes and the players did. I’ll salute them but I’m not going to act like they did something that was virtually impossible to do. Mohammad Ali took on the United States Government.”
Rob Parker: “People are saying ‘oh my goodness gracious, it’s unbelievable during a contract negotiation that this guy actually spoke out about a murder we saw committed on the streets of Minneapolis in plain view!’ Ain’t nobody thinking about their contract negotiations after what we just saw… If you’re not outraged by that then what would it take to make you outraged and to speak out?? The only thing worse than people doing harm are the good people who turn away and don’t say anything.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker explain why they think Patrick Mahomes has received too much acclaim this week in the media after he joined in with other NFL players to make videos supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’ and George Floyd.

Both Chris and Rob have a problem with Mahomes getting so much praise for simply admitting that he was ‘appalled’ by the killing of Floyd while in police custody, and repeating the same sentiments that the vast majority of the United States have currently echoed about the need to end police brutality and racial injustice.

Check out the audio above as Chris and Rob detail why the bar has been set pretty low for black athletes when a player like Mahomes is getting ‘hero status’ for speaking up on a cold-blooded murder in plain view that didn't need an NFL MVP's name attached to it to be validated.