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Basic Human Rights Will Always Be "On the Right Side of History"

Basic Human Rights Will Always Be "On the Right Side of History"

Clay Travis is fired up this Friday morning. Clay reads a tweet from Joshua Wong, the leader of Hong Kong's democracy protests, who criticizes LeBron James and how he only takes human rights stands in America, and doesn't say a word about the current situations in China. Wong ends his tweet saying that all LeBron cares about is money and not human rights.

This tweet leads Clay into a conversation centered around American athletes and their willingness to rip America, but not be concerned about all of the other issues around the world. Clay mentions US Women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe, and how if she really wanted to make a stance, she would talk about the billions of women around the world that aren't afforded the same opportunities that women in America are given.

Clay then moves to LeBron James. Clay says it's clear that LeBron is striving to be this generation's version of Muhammad Ali, but supporting basic human rights (& popular opinion) in America doesn't make you special. If you really want to be talked about on the same level as Ali, then you must stick your neck out for a situation like the one going on in China, instead of making money there from your shoes.

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