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NBA Document Proves There Are Many Humps for the Players to Get Over

NBA Document Proves There Are Many Humps for the Players to Get Over

Clay Travis is reacting to the 113 page document from the NBA regarding the Disney World bubble and the rules, policies and amenities that would be in place. The list includes which hotels the teams will be at, lays out how the players will be fed, the policy on who the players can bring with them, and much more.

Some of the rules are a bit wacky. Clay points out the card game rules, where players will have to wear masks if they play card games, and following the conclusion of their card games, the deck of cards will have to be properly disposed of. On top of this, ping pong will be allowed, however if a group of 4 players want to play doubles, that won't be allowed.

One of the most talked about rule so far is the anonymous hotline that will be available for players to call and report on any rule breaking that will be going on in the bubble. Clay believes that there will be a number of calls made on this hotline, and would love to hear them.

Danny G. raises a question that sparks Clay's interest, about NBA groupies. Will they secretly be brought into the bubble, and then whisked away by security? That leads Clay to ask Geoff Schwartz how much time he thinks will be spent trying to figure out how to sneak girls into their hotel. Geoff shares a marvelous story about one of his NFL mini camps.

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