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MLB Player Arrested After Found Asleep and Disheveled Behind FedEx Terminal

Andrew Toles Jailed After Being Found Sleeping Behind Florida Airport

Los Angeles Dodgers Outfielder Andrew Toles was arrested in Florida on Monday for sleeping behind an airport in Key West, according to Gwen Filosa of the Miami Herald.

The 28-year-old was handed a misdemeanor charge of trespassing after he refused to leave the area, according to the arrest report.

Toles, on the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2016-18, was sleeping behind a FedEx depot located at the airport and was given several opportunities to leave by police, according to deputies involved with the arrest.

As of Friday, he remained at a detention center in Monroe County. His court date is set for July 2.

Toles was placed on the Dodgers' restricted list in March 2019 because of an undisclosed personal issue and hasn't played since. Over three seasons with the Dodgers, the native of Decatur, Georgia, hit .286/.333/.459 with eight home runs and 35 RBIs in 249 plate appearances.

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